Escort Work in Kent

Why Join VIP Escorts Kent?

1. We Pay Well!
Earn from £100/hr, unlike most agencies who pay their escorts £60-70 an hour!
2. Driver Hire Available!
They escort you to your bookings & wait outside for your protection.
3. Security
We screen our clients thoroughly and we know where you are at all times.
4. Flexibility
Only hard working escorts are truly successful but your availability can be flexible.
5. Free Photoshoot Service
We can arrange to take great looking photos of you and Photoshop them for clients to adore (Face blurring & tattoo hiding available).
6. Real Adventure
Meet new people, travel to new places & experience an exciting lifestyle free from the 9-5.

What's The Requirements?

1. Qualifications?
Working as an escort with us requires no special qualifications however all that we ask for is that you are an attractive, confident and classy girl who has good English and a passion for getting to know people on a personal level.

2. Reliability & Trust
We ask that you are a reliable person who is also trustworthy, with the passion to want to do well in this business.

3. Communication
It is required that you keep us updated frequently about your availability for the week ahead.

If you have any specific questions please give us a call on 07776969469 , alternatively please proceed to complete our escort application form:

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